S2E10: Season Finale

For our Season 2 finale episode, we dedicated the show to two of our favorite things: great pizza and great music. 

First, we brought one of our contributors Jordan Short back on the show--this time with his brother and bandmate Joshua Short--to discuss their new band Father Hands and their recently released EP. We shared an excerpt of their second single "Spine" but head over to their site to listen to the whole song plus two others: "Damage of Love" and "Any Anything."

Then we chatted with Jonathan and Brianna Cowan, the owners and proprietors of Wooden Paddle Pizza, an artisan pizzeria in the Chicago suburbs. Later this month, they will be launching a new podcast, the Unlivable Podcast, where they will share about their challenge for 2016: living on a minimum wage income. We will link to it once it is up and running. If you ever find yourself in Chicagoland, definitely drop by for a pie--specifically their fan favorite "Pretty Fly for a White Pie." 

We also raved about Chicago legend Rick Bayless and two of his restaurants, Frontera Grill and Xoco. Sally bored the majority of you by going on and on about her new Passion Planner. Zac put in a plug for JackThreads, specifically their awesome down puffer jacket (now on sale for only $69?!). 

Hope you enjoyed Season 2! Stay tuned for the launch of Season 3 later this month (fingers crossed)! In the meantime, send us your feedback on the show. What could we do differently? How can we improve? We look forward to hearing your thoughts and suggestions.