s2e3: 'the one where we talk about james bond, work, and refugees'

In this episode we talk to contributor Jordan Short, who talks us through a chronology of James Bond music as we evaluate Sam Smith's latest contribution to the genre. We also speak to Kristina Olney about the work of In Defense of Christians in the Middle East. Finally, contributor Miriel Reneau joins us to talk through the latest work by Anne-Marie Slaughter and Andrew Moravcsik. It's a packed episode with a lot of great conversations! Check out our blog for links to everything we mention.

s2e2: 'the one where we talk about mental health, the gop debate, and garages'

In our second episode of the season, we talk to Becca Weingard, a mental health counselor who has written a new Kindle single that she calls "a field guide to suicide survival." We also discuss ginger, tea, the GOP debate, books we're reading, and more. Pretty sure you don't want to miss this. Check out our blog for links to Becca's Kindle single, recipes, and blog.

NEW SEASON: season 2, episode 1: the one where we talk about business and law

We're back! Season 2 of Vernacular Podcast has officially kicked off, with some programming changes. In each episode, we're talking to more people about more things, bringing more variety to each show. In this episode, we talk to Mae Mae about business school and working as a consultant at Bain & Co., and we are joined by our new contributor Miriel to talk about the previous term of the Supreme Court.

Like what you hear? Don't like what you hear? Let us know at zacandsally@vernacularpodcast.com and check out our blog for links to the articles and cases we discussed. 

episode 11: 'the one where we talk to two future doctors'

In episode 11, we talk to Ishan and Julia, a husband-wife duo based in Chicago, where both attend graduate school. Julia is studying for her MD, while Ishan is pursuing a PhD in economics. Our conversation starts on the Greece crisis, but wanders to guinea pigs, vegetarianism, triathlons, and Dorothy Day. Join us for the conversation and check out our blog for more information. Follow Ishan on Twitter @Ishan_Nath and Julia @JuliaBNath.

episode 10: 'the one where we talk to a geostrategist and a hops farmer'

This one's a blast: we sit down with Astrid and Aaron, who are a husband-wife duo starting a new Virginia hops farm called Heritage Hops. Astrid works at a Washington think tank as a China researcher and moonlights as the Heritage Hops Director of Marketing. Aaron spends his time in the great outdoors training 20-foot hops to grow on coconut twine, a la Jack and the Beanstalk. In addition to hearing all about a hops farm, we also talk with them about the rise of the machines and a world without work. It's a great conversation! Check out their website here and head to our blog for more info!